The thought of leaving makes me the absolute saddest.

The thought of leaving you, and this home makes me sad. 

The truth is home is wherever you are, and I hate to leave it, even for a day. 

Now I have to leave for weeks, and if God forbid, maybe even for a month or more. 

It saddens me to think I won’t feel the serene comfort I feel every time I’m home.

Your clothes can serve as security blankets but only for a while, enough to mask the cold feeling, but while they serve that very purpose, they can heighten the sadness. 

I have nothing to hold on to, nothing to clutch on fridays, and any other day. I can only look forward to a daily phone call, and that one weekend out of (hopefully) every month that I get that overwhelming joy of actually being able to hold my entire home, my entire world at the very palm of my hands. 

I try to remind myself that the very reason I’m doing this, the very reason I’m leaving serves a purpose. I’m trying to understand that all of this will enable something for the better, that this is just a dot to connect to the rest of the dots that will form one big picture. A picture of the future.  

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Whatever happens, I have the highest hopes in you and me. I fully believe we can do it. You’re my roc. 

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I could never stand the thought of hurting the most important people in my life. It breaks my heart to hurt them. I will die a thousand deaths before I can forgive myself for putting them in pain.

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I’m at that one point in my life wherein I’m absolutely terrified of everything. I’m perpetually sad and miserable, one little thing could make me lose all that I have. And now I’m standing here wishing I could turn back time.

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"I want you, and the thought of anyone else having you is like a knife twisting in my dark soul."

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"I am a hard person to love but when I love, I love really hard."

Tupac Shakur   (via downwsociety)

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Colin Christian “Hardcore Pink”

Over a year old post.  But seriously, look how awesome it is.

A bit terrifying but so fucking awesome. Love it.

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Knowing myself I probably wouldn’t want to admit how in love I am with you, but here I am saying that I do. I’ve never been more attracted to anyone before and never have I felt this way. You’re perfect. The moments I spend with you are perfect. The fights, are stupid but there’s nothing more rewarding and nothing I look forward to than making up with you. Fuck, all I want to do is spend every waking moment with you. And that’s only a small portion of how you make me feel. ❤

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I know I talk about you a lot,
and maybe I shouldn’t say this since nothing is set in stone,
but truthfully,
I only have my eyes set on you.

Yeah my brain is in the right place, and I’m sure my heart is too.

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